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Still room for LeGarrette Blount in New England if contract expectation is lowered

Thomas, the Patriots absolutely have room for at least one more running back, if not two or three. Expect them to make those additions between now and when the 90-man roster is ultimately filled by the end of April or early May. So the potential return of LeGarrette Blount has less to do with space on the roster than it does a difference of opinion on his value as it relates to a contract.

As Blount said Wednesday night at the Celtics-Cavaliers game, he is looking for the Patriots to give him “some money.” I’ll take it one step further: What he’s most likely looking for is more guaranteed money after a season in which he rushed for 18 touchdowns.

The sides obviously haven’t reached a compromise in that area, and my sense is that the Patriots won’t be budging much off where they are, even if Blount ultimately gets a better offer elsewhere. With that, they assume the risk of losing Blount, who hasn’t decisively been connected to any other club.

This year’s draft features a deep running back class, and even if Blount is ultimately back, I still think the Patriots will strongly consider adding a running back.